We, FinArbitrage, are a Financial Technology firm engaged in applying Technology in innovative ways to the Finance Domain.  Within FinTech space our focus is in Investment Tech space and we employ Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Computation Investing.

We currently have two Verticals, viz., Research and Investments.  Our Research Vertical focuses  on Equity, Derivatives, Debt and Currency segment of Capital Markets.  While our Investment Division manages a Proprietary Investment Fund that employs diverse or complex trading strategies, and, invests and/or trades in securities or in complex derivative instruments.

Our mission is “Quest for Riskless Profits”.  Towards the same we are involved in development of proprietary research models and strategies. Our methodology is based on a fusion of fundamental and technical analysis, and also utilizes quantitative and statistical elements.  Using fundamental analysis we identify long run mispriced opportunities; and using technical analysis we identify market trends and volatility.  The statistical and quantitative elements thus provide safety moat to our qualitative fundamental analysis.  Overall, this has generated superior risk adjusted returns to our partners and investors.

Our goal is to provide both a superior experience and tremendous value for our customers, including, the Buy side firms, institutions, or individuals.  We would love to hear from you and welcome your feedback and suggestions on our Contact Us page.