We had explained one Investment Strategy in our blog.  We have got good response on this strategy from Finance Professionals.  However, we discussed this with non-Finance Professionals, like, Lawyers, Doctors, Dentists, etc.  Very soon we realized that the non-Finance Professionals are very knee to benefit from these risk-less investment strategies; however, because of various reasons mentioned below they are not able to utilize these profitable strategies.

  1. Not understanding these strategies at all.  (e.g. some doctors in their own sweet way, called these as “bouncers”.)
  2.  Having sound finance knowledge; but limited knowledge regarding intricacies of Capital Markets
  3. Deep knowledge of Capital Markets but not able to devote time towards these strategies as most of the time is dedicated to professional career/business
  4. Not having Brokerage and Trading Accounts along with all the related dependencies to profit from these arbitrage

Through our interaction with such professionals, we have understood that their financial life is very different.  We will take the life of a Doctor to explain; however, note that this analogy is applicable to almost all professionals.


In a Doctor’s life, till 28+ years age is Education Phase wherein they are mainly dependent upon parents for financial needs. Their Career Phase starts very late, and at the earlier stage of their career they are loaded with loans.  Strong Earnings Phase starts only at 38 to 40 years and continues till 65 year of age which is Retirement Phase.  The Earnings Phase is the most important phase for a doctor and determines how the Retirement Phase will go on.  At Earning Phase normally liabilities are over and the cash flow from income is very strong.  So this is the time that a doctor should seriously start maximum accumulation for long term goals like investment, retirement, children’s higher education, etc.

However, Doctors face a problem that even at this stage they cannot delegate their core work to others and are always running short of time.  Thus they are not able to devote time to Financial matters.  Some Doctors delegate administrative work to their staff and try to do investments on their own.  However, several doctors have failed badly in this as Investment field is huge, and similar to their own profession, requires years of experience and ongoing knowledge and time.

There are various safe Investment avenues available for such professionals.  One strong advise we always give to doctor is to stay away from “tips”, “plans”, etc, which promise sky-high returns.  We always recommend a safety first approach. Fixed Deposits (FD) offered by various leading banks is one of them.  Banks FD returns are currently around 7 to 7.25%.  Banks offers higher returns, but tenure of the deposit has to be higher than 1 year.  Banks FDs are as such very safe avenues to park money and definitely figure high in our recommended options..  However, there are a few drawbacks.

The returns from Bank FD are only around 0.5% to 1.0% above Repo Rate.  Also in case of pre-mature withdrawal penalty to the extent of 0.5% to 1.0% is charged by the Banks. With the recent outlook and direction from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), the interest rates are headed downwards.

This is where, we, FinArbitrage, provide value to Doctors, Dentists, etc. We are a dedicated Financial Technology firm and through our Investment Research and proprietary research models we are able to deliver higher returns to such professionals at lower risk.  Utilizing some of these strategies, we are able to deliver returns of 2 to 2.5% above Repo Rate as depicted in picture below.


The red line above depicts what the Doctors could have earned in % terms per year in case of Bank FD.  You will notice that the returns are only 1% above Repo Rate.  Also, you will notice that Banks as such are always late to increase the rate, and act fast to decrease the FD rate they offer to customer.  The green line depicts what our strategies would have returned to you.  These returns are 2% above the RBI rate and also move in tandem with rate changes from RBI.  Given bigger investment amount returns could go higher to the extent of 2.5%.


The Earnings Phase is the most important phase for a doctor and will determine the quality of life at advanced Career Stage and mainly during Retirement Phase.  We strongly advice professionals like doctors to invest in these strategies and benefit from higher rates.  You may reach out to us by emailing at contactus@finarbitrage.com or filling this Contact Us form so that we may get in touch with you.